Quito the Capital city of Ecuador, will amaze with the variety of highlights to offer you. The city forms a harmonic combination where nature and a cosmopolitan city merge. In 1978 Quito was declared world heritage of Mankind by the UNESCO.

The city occupies a small basin surrounded by impotent mountains, such as Pichincha creating the view of a great valley in the middle of the Andes. The city has an altitude of 2.850 m over the sea level. The city was built over an Inca city, the city acquires the most untouched historic center in America, where you will be able to feel the environment of the Spanish Colonialism times, and the blended architecture from the traditional Spaniards and the native Indians who made outrages decorations for the Christian churches, monasteries and others which still conserve this important pieces of art.

The culture, the traditions, the mixture of a old and a new city, the nature, the history and gastronomy are the highlights that you will experience in Quito and live an unforgettable experience.

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